In this issue:

  • A Time to Play
  • See you at the Forum
  • Into our beautiful future: How are we going to get there?
  • As doors open, walk through them: Your group and Alpha
  • When someone is interested…

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The Forum

Do you ever feel like you aren’t up to some aspect of leading in community?

We do!

And so we need to gather with each other and with you to cheer one another on and be equipped to lead.

Two times a year, the Community Life Leaders Forum inspires, encourages and equips dozens of leaders.

The next Forum, themed THRIVE is February 24th at 6:30 pm.  Put the date on your calendar and plan to attend! RSVP here.

On top of a delicious meal and inspiration, we’ll cover these key topics: Rhythms to Sustain You, Shaping Culture, Handling Conflict Redemptively, and Going UP, IN, and OUT for Life Change.


A beautiful future: How are we going to get there?

At the start of the year it makes sense to look ahead.  As you do, what are most excited about?

You could say that the best futures are rooted in the best beginnings; in who Jesus is and what He has done.  Jesus has brought us into His family and is transforming us to be like Him.  And now, having ascended to heaven and sent His Spirit – He has sent us to go and make disciples.


Some of you have hearts that get especially stirred when you think about a future where more and more and more people are coming to know Jesus.  Not just a statement, it’s a living reality that you can see, something you can almost feel.

How are we going to get there?

A couple of years ago, I (Tim) met a leader from Chicago who was overseeing dozens of coaches and leaders in hundreds of expressions of Jesus in their city.  As John and I ran together and huffed our way up and down the hills of Edmonton’s river valley, I asked about HOW he did that – how they raised and sent people on mission, in community again and again.

I expected to hear complexity and amazing leadership secrets.

Instead I heard simplicity and focus.  And it baptized my imagination in a new way of thinking about our future.

Watch and learn as John’s lead pastor, Dave Ferguson teaches the first element of How you and your friends can mobilize a movement: Intentionally rubbing off on someone else…

Posted on RightNow Media: https://www.rightnow.org/Training/Post/View/76271


Host Alpha

We talked this week with a leader who lives BLESS and continues to watch for open doors in relationships with friends who don’t yet know Jesus.  Last year she and her MSC Small Group hosted Alpha for a few friends so they could explore their questions.  Awesome. What a privilege.

Since you also pray for friends of yours…

Would you pray about hosting Alpha in some way in the later winter or spring or go to Alpha as a group for a season (and step out of your SG/MSC for that time)?  Jesus is drawing people to Himself and some are ready to talk about it!


When someone is interested in my MSC or Small Group, what do I say?

Some of you have wondered what to reply when someone inquires about your MSC, Learning Community or Small Group. Here’s a sample way you could do that. (Adapt to suit your context:


Good to hear from you.  We’d love to have you come check out the [community/group name]! Whether you’re new to Beulah or have been around for a while, we want everyone to have an opportunity to Grow through Community.  For us, that looks like MSCs, Learning Communities or Small Groups!

We are…[Describe your MSC, Learning Community or Small Group in a sentence – who are you/what’s your culture]

We gather to …[State the purpose of why you gather.  One MSC says it this way: “We gather to connect with each other, grow together and serve others in the west end.  And we have a special focus to seek to be a blessing to friends that we live, work and play with.”]

[Then describe your rhythm of gathering.  One MSC says it this way: “You’ll be very welcome.  It’s a joyful and lively bunch. Our MSC gathers every two weeks and mixes up a rhythm of sometimes meals and conversation together, sometimes play and hanging out, and sometimes a serve together.”]

Our next gathering is ___________________.  We look forward to meeting you?

Want me to add you to our email list? Any questions just email or call me.


If you wish, learn more about all of our groups at www.beulah.ca/groups.


If someone makes a HUB Request to Join my group, how should I respond?

When someone requests via the HUB to join your group please be sure that they actually attend your MSC/SG. Many people use the HUB to get information about the different groups.  So, if you receive a very random person who you’ve never met and has never come to your group, give them information about your group, invite them to come.  If they do come record them as ‘Guests’ when you do your attendance.  If they come back a second time feel free to accept their HUB request to join the group.